Special register of child sexual abusers and pedophiles as a necessary preventive measure

  • Dr. Vedije Ratkoceri


Child sexual abuse is one of the most severe and extreme forms of child abuse. Child sexual abuse leaves long-term consequences in children, causes severe physical and psychological harm as well as affects the development and the future of the child.

Today, in the contemporary world, one of the effective forms for the prevention of pedophilia is considered the registration of persons convicted of criminal offenses of pedophilia in a special register. The main purpose of registering these perpetrators is the possibility for the general public to have access to this data in order to know these persons (pedophiles) and to be able to prevent the possible actions of these persons. The Republic of North Macedonia has taken such a step, in accordance with these trends, where in 2012 the online portal for perpetrators of criminal offenses of child sexual abuse was launched.

In Albania, the Law on the National Register of Child Sexual Abusers is expected to be adopted very soon, proposed mainly by the non-governmental sector and organizations for the protection of children from sexual abuse.

This paper aims to address the experience in the RMV and review the draft law of Albania, to highlight the need to incorporate a special register of pedophiles in the Republic of Kosovo, given the statistical data that speak of large number of these crimes in recent years

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