The cryptoelits and the demonstrations of 1981

  • Dr. Sadri Ramabaja


The two decades of confrontation by the generation of the Republic with the Serbian state terror and other two in liberty, in the face-off with modern fascists, prove the political power and justice, not only of that generation, but of the very idea of a democratic Republic and in the service of the ideal for unification.

The vertical stand of the ideologies of this generation and later also of the descendants of the same ideal, such as: Hydajet Hyseni, Ukshin Hoti, Ibrahim Kelmendi, Bajram Kosumi, Fadil Vata, Afrim Zhitia, Behadin Hallaqi, Sabri Kiçmari, Albin Kurti ... is the strongest guarantee for the liberation of the Republic even from "our" modern fascists. Meanwhile, the use of the Republic, as an intermediate station towards the unification, which I see in the form of a federal state - as Federal Albania, remains a success strategy in action

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