Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

ILIRIA International Review (IIR) intends to serve as a publication platform for academics in all the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

The field of Social Sciences includes: 

  • Economics and business
  • Educational sciences
  • Sociology
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Social and economic geography
  • Media and communications
  • Psychology
  • Other social sciences
The field of Humanities includes:
  • History and archaeology
  • Languages and literature
  • Philosophy, ethics and religion
  • Art (arts, history of arts, performing arts,music)
  • Other humanities

IIR aims to promote studies and research from the region of South East Europe. 

Section Policies

Original Research Articles

The articles should be original and should neither been previously published nor been under consideration by other journals. These articles are characterized with detailed studies that report original research and are exclusively based on primary data.

 The original articles should contain: 

  • Abstract: 150 -250 words including objective/s, methodology, results and conclusion.
  • Key Words: 5-7 words
  • Introduction
  • Methodology/Material
  • Results
  • Discussion

 A manuscript for original articles should be between 10-12 typewritten pages (including tables, figures, graphs and List of References)

  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Checked Indexed
  • Checked Peer Reviewed

Review Articles

Review articles provide an overview on the “state of the art” in a particular area. These articles are focused on identifying specific problems or issues and on analyzing information. The review articles are based on already published literature. However, the review articles should not be based exclusively on summarizing the existing literature, but should contain critiques, issues, and problems that define the field.  

The abstract should contain 150-250 words.

A manuscript for Review Articles should be between 10-15 typewritten pages (including tables, figures, graphs and List of References).

  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Checked Indexed
  • Checked Peer Reviewed

Case Reports

Case studies present details of real cases from a practice.

The case studies are short and can be between 1,000 to 3,000 words. 

  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Checked Indexed
  • Checked Peer Reviewed

Brief Communications

Brief Communications are short reports intended to either extend or expound on previously published research OR present new and significant findings which may have a major impact in current practice.

  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Checked Indexed
  • Checked Peer Reviewed

Other Submissions

Editorials usually provide commentary and analysis concerning an article in the issue of the Journal in which they appear.

Special Reports are miscellaneous articles of special interest to the community.

  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Unchecked Indexed
  • Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

ILIRIA International Review operates a rigorous peer-review process that ensures scholarly excellence. All manuscripts submitted to IIR for publication are double-blind peer-reviewed according to the following procedure:

Initial Review (technical review): The Editor-in-Chief and the Assistant Editor evaluate each manuscript to determine if the submitted manuscript has fulfilled all the predetermined criteria and that its topic and content is suitable for consideration by the IIR. Manuscripts that do not meet minimum criteria are returned to the authors within one week of receipt. 

Peer Review: The manuscripts that pass the initial review are assigned to reviewers. Each paper undergoes evaluations by at least two reviewers of the respected field. The review process is conducted anonymously; ILIRIA International Review does not reveal the identity of the reviewers to the authors and vice versa in order to implement the double blind peer-review process. Referees evaluate the manuscript based on its originality, content, soundness among others. The referees are asked to complete their reviews within four weeks. 

Recommendation: After assessment of the manuscript, one of the following recommendations is made:

  • Accepted; 
  • Accepted, with revisions;
  • Submit elsewhere;
  • Rejected, specifying the reason for rejections;

Authors may be asked by the managing editor at all times during the editorial process to revise a contribution in order to maintain scientific standards and comply with the journal’s author guidelines and style guide.

The result of the review itself will be shared only with the corresponding author.

Publication Frequency

ILIRIA International Review publishes two issues per year:
• First issue is published by 30th of June,
• Second issue is published by 31st of December.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Article Processing Charges

IIR provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

IIR does neither require article processing charges (APCs) nor article submission charges.

All the articles are submitted, published online and downloaded online for free.

Content Licensing

The manuscripts accepted for publication in IIR are licensed under CC-BY Creative Common License. Articles may be shared and adopted for any purpose, even commercially, as long as they are properly cited (giving credit to the original creation).

Plagiarism Policy

Each of the manuscripts submitted for publication to IIR, are subject to verification for plagiarism before being sent to an editor for editorial review by using the IThenticate anti-plagiarism software.

If the author(s) submit a manuscript that contains work that is not theirs, without acknowledging the sources, then it is considered that the author(s) have committed ‘plagiarism’. 

In case the plagiarism is detected, either by editors, peer reviewers or editorial staff at any stage before publishing the manuscripts, we will promptly alert the author (s) to either rewrite the text and cite the original source or we will reject the manuscripts if found that at least  20% of the original submission is plagiarized. 


All articles in IIR are published in English. English translation is available, however, the author(s) should pay the cost of translation. 

IIR provides free language editing after successful review of a submission.  Proofs will be made available after layout and copy editing is completed. Authors’ corrections are accepted only by e-mail.

Approved articles will be initially published online at http://iliriapublications.org/index.php/iir/index  and then will also be available in a print copy.

Each author, upon the publication of the print copy of the journal, will receive a Letter of Confirmation in English and Albanian Language and a copy of the journal. 

Preprint and Postprint Policy

IIR allows and encourages authors to deposit both their pre- and post-prints or publisher's version/PDF in Open-Access institutional archives, repositories, or personal websites. The primary benefit of pre- and post-print self-archiving is reaching a larger audience which enhances the visibility and impact of your research.

After a manuscript has been published in IIR we suggest that the link to the article on IIR's website is used when the article is shared on personal or public websites.

Journal Archiving

IIR uses Portico for permanent preservation of published contents. More.....