About the Journal

Focus and Scope

ILIRIA International Review (IIR) intends to serve as a publication platform for academics in all the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

The field of Social Sciences includes: 

  • Economics and business
  • Educational sciences
  • Sociology
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Social and economic geography
  • Media and communications
  • Psychology
  • Other social sciences
The field of Humanities includes:
  • History and archaeology
  • Languages and literature
  • Philosophy, ethics and religion
  • Art (arts, history of arts, performing arts,music)
  • Other humanities

IIR aims to promote studies and research from the region of South East Europe. 

Peer Review Process

ILIRIA International Review operates a rigorous peer-review process that ensures scholarly excellence. All manuscripts submitted to IIR for publication are double-blind peer-reviewed according to the following procedure:

Initial Review (technical review): The Editor-in-Chief and the Assistant Editor evaluate each manuscript to determine if the submitted manuscript has fulfilled all the predetermined criteria and that its topic and content is suitable for consideration by the IIR. Manuscripts that do not meet minimum criteria are returned to the authors within one week of receipt. 

Peer Review: The manuscripts that pass the initial review are assigned to reviewers. Each paper undergoes evaluations by at least two reviewers of the respected field. The review process is conducted anonymously; ILIRIA International Review does not reveal the identity of the reviewers to the authors and vice versa in order to implement the double blind peer-review process. Referees evaluate the manuscript based on its originality, content, soundness among others. The referees are asked to complete their reviews within four weeks. 

Recommendation: After assessment of the manuscript, one of the following recommendations is made:

  • Accepted; 
  • Accepted, with revisions;
  • Submit elsewhere;
  • Rejected, specifying the reason for rejections;

Authors may be asked by the managing editor at all times during the editorial process to revise a contribution in order to maintain scientific standards and comply with the journal’s author guidelines and style guide.

The result of the review itself will be shared only with the corresponding author.

Publication Frequency

ILIRIA International Review publishes two issues per year:
• First issue is published by 30th of June,
• Second issue is published by 31st of December.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Journal History

ILIRIA International Review was firstly published in 2008 by ILIRIA College. Since 2011, in cooperation with Felix-Verlag from Holzkirschen-Germany, it was registered with the German National Library (Deutsche National Bibliothek) with Print ISSN  2192-7081 and Online ISSN 2365-8592.